Wirepath Platform for Plastic Enclosures (White)



Wirepath? Platform for Plastic Enclosures

This sturdy platform can be adjusted to add and organize equipment, or section off areas you don?t want touched to add a dual-layer installation. Punchouts are conveniently spaced to ensure all gear can easily be installed on the platform. The 30″ enclosure has two snap-in locations and the 42″ enclosure has three snap-in locations. Compatible with Wirepath plastic enclosures only.

Product Specifications

Product Features

Metal Construction: Metal construction ensures a solid install, with enough connection points on the platform to ensure strong Wi-Fi.

Versatile Install: The plastic sleds install into the side of the enclosure, which the platform then snaps in to. The sleds are designed to be installed in either direction based on the gear being loaded. Adjust the spacing on either side of the platform by 1.8? (either 1.2? or 3? below the platform).

Easy Organization: Punchouts are conveniently spaced ?? apart horizontally and 1?? apart vertically to ensure all gear can easily be installed on the platform.


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