Universal Dim Actuator, 4-Fold, 210W, MDRC

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The Universal Dim Actuator 4-fold, 210W, MDRC is a multi-channel universal dimming actuator optimized for dimming retrofit LED lamps (LEDi). Also suitable for dimming incandescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lights with conventional or electronic transformers, 230 V halogen lamps and dimmable energy-saving halogen lamps. Automatic load detection (can be deactivated). Separate N-connection per channel. Parallel connection of the outputs possible to increase the output power. Outputs can be connected in parallel in any configuration. Manual operation on device also possible without bus voltage or in an unprogrammed status. Programming of the device also possible without applied 230 V supply voltage. Extensive test and diagnosis functions available via the Control4? KNX Tool. Fast parameter setting in ETS using copyable channel templates. With integrated bus coupler.

Recommendation?Always use lamps of the same type and manufacturer.

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