Triad NCB R5 New Construction Bracket (qty of 6)

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Important Announcement: All Triad R-Series End of Sale

With the introduction of the Triad Distributed Audio Series, we are discontinuing the Triad R-Series. Supplies are limited. We encourage you to place an order for any future projects in which R-Series is specified as soon as possible. The direct replacement for the NCB R5 (003-0500) is the TS-NCBIC5.

Triad?s R-Series NCB?s (New Construction Brackets) are designed to be used with Triad?s in-ceiling round speakers for extra support when mounting the enclosures in ceilings for new construction installs. Highly recommended.

Product Features

  • New construction brackets for securely fitting InCeiling Round speakers in ceilings.
  • Sizes: R15 and R25, Mini OpenRound and Mini SealedRound


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