Triad IC DS4/9 Sub W/Square Frameless Grill W/RackAmp 300



The Triad Designer Series is a uniquely engineered family of luxury in-ceiling speakers that deliver rich, full sound through a speaker grill that is a fraction of the size of traditional in-ceiling speakers. The DS4-SUB Subwoofer includes three woofers for exceptional bass while being incredibly discreet.

Designer Series speakers are constructed with solid wood to prevent sound from traveling between floors. Built with installers in mind, Designer Series speakers are completely serviceable through the grill opening including all drivers and crossovers. The speaker grills can also be painted to blend in with the d?cor.

The RackAmp 300 delivers 300 Watts into the 4 ohm load of one standard Triad subwoofer. With authoritative output and headroom, the RackAmp 300 will provide you with great performance right out of the box in nearly any room.

When paired with the Triad RackAmp 300 that provides Class A/B performance with near Class D efficiency for superior bass. The RackAmp 300 pairs with Triad subwoofers exclusively to produce high impact, explosive bass with films as well as nuanced, detailed, and tuneful bass with music. You can hear the difference.

Finishes: Grills for the Designer Series Speakers are available in an unlimited array of custom-matched paint colors to blend in with your d?cor. The standard finish is white paint. For any other colors, please refer to Triad?s Custom Match Finish program.

PLEASE NOTE: The InCeiling Designer Series 4/9 Full-range and Sub are ONLY to be used for new construction with sheetrock. Any other type of installation is not recommended.

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