Smart Garage Bundle Up to 2 Garage Doors



Contents of the Smart Garage Door Bundle include:

  • (2) Control4 ZigBee to IO
  • (2) Rail-Mounted Magnetic Door Contacts

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Ease of installation?The Control4 Deluxe Smart Garage Package is designed for quick installation with high reliability. Control4 ZigBee to IO devices are easily installed. The innovative rail-mounted garage door contacts install vertically on the door channel, eliminating messy floor mounted contacts and cracked cement.
  • Applications?Everyone hates waking up in the morning only to discover the garage door was left open all night. Now the Control4 Deluxe Smart Garage Package eliminates worries for Control4-automated homeowners. When used in Control4 systems, homeowners can monitor their homes from miles away.
  • Use the Control4 Deluxe Smart Garage Package with new or existing garage doors to wirelessly add capabilities to Control4 projects like: remote controlled garage open and close, automatic time-based garage open or close, 4Sight remote garage open and close, home lighting scene changes (and other home automation events) based on garage door open/close states, LED keypad status of garage door open/close states.
  • Remote garage door operation should only be installed on garage doors with ?safety beam capabilities? to prevent accidental closing on obstructed or occupied garage doorways.


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