Pakedge 1G SFP Fiber Module, LX Single-Mode, 1310 nm, 20 km

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The Pakedge FM-1G-SM is a 1G a 1000BASE-LX fiber module designed to bring 1Gbps switch-to-switch fiber connectivity to any switch with an SFP port. The fiber module supports single mode and 1000BASE-LX as outlined in the IEEE standard 802.3 specifications for 1000BASE-LX. When used with Pakedge fiber cable, the Pakedge FM-1G-SM provides stable and consistent network performance with no loss of speed or throughput.

Ideal for: 

  • Switch-to-Switch Fiber Connections
  • Trunk links – switch to switch
  • Networks requiring switch-to-switch connections of 1Gbps

Product Features

  • 1 GBps throughput connecting compatible Pakedge devices
  • Fully certified with Pakedge fiber, and any switch with an SFP Port
  • More stable connection and higher speeds than RJ-45 Ports


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