New Construction – In-Wall Touch Screen Back Box (Metal)

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This Control4? kit provides a wall box (back box) to accommodate the installation of T3 Series In-Wall Touchscreens. The kit is intended for new construction where drywall is not yet installed. This kit is not intended for installations where construction is completed and drywall is in place. Available in metal and plastic.

Supported Touchscreen Models:

  • C4-WALL7     T3-7 7″ In-Wall Touchscreen
  • C4-WALL10   T3-10 10″ In-Wall Touchscreen

Also supports these legacy Touchscreens:

  • C4-TSWMC5-EG   5″ In-Wall Touchscreen
  • C4-TSWMC7-EG   7″ In-Wall Touchscreen
  • C4-TW7C0             7″ In-Wall Touchscreen with Camera


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