Mini FlexSub W Style InWall Grill with RackAmp 700 DSP (8-ohm woofer enclosure)



Triad’s remotely-mounted Mini and Silver FlexSubs deliver deep, compelling bass with minimal visual impact. These specially engineered speakers provide precise audio reproduction without the awkward bulk that most bass boxes impose. The FlexSub, named for its flexible installation options, has a damped, expandable, coiled tube that mounts in a hidden area and terminates with a small grill or vent, allowing the subwoofer enclosure to be installed remotely.

These speakers can install behind a ceiling, cabinet toekick, baseboard, wall, or crawl space, allowing easy incorporation even when multiple FlexSubs are desired. This speaker delivers unmatched performance with studio-grade drivers and sealed, internally braced enclosures.

Triad offers two perfectly matched subwoofer amplifiers for these subwoofers?the RackAmp 300 and RackAmp 700. Both amplifiers have been engineered and tuned to bring out the best in these subwoofers and your system, providing  substantial output and ultra-low distortion.

In an industry of generic, mass-produced products, Triad combines craftsmanship and customization in every order. Handcrafted in the US using the finest materials and components, Triad?s fully engineered, sealed, and internally braced MDF enclosures deliver intricate acoustics and effortless playback, actualizing the artist’s intent.

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Includes 40" (101 cm) flexible tube for installation with remote mounting
  • Included premium isolation brackets decouple cabinet from mounting surface
  • Fully-engineered, acoustic suspension premium MDF enclosure


  • High performance 8" subwoofer pairs with Triad subwoofer ampllifiers
  • AcoustiPerf metal grill available in two designs: standard frameless or compact toe kick-style vent grill design
  • Custom paint matching available 


  • High performance 12" subwoofer pairs with RackAmp700
  • AcoustiPerf metal grill available in two designs: standard frameless or HVAC-style register grill available
  • Custom paint matching available


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