Luma Surveillance 310 Series Mini IP PTZ Outdoor Camera (White)



Luma Surveillance? 310 Series Mini PTZ IP Outdoor Camera

The Luma 310 Series Mini PTZ Camera is a low-cost, high-res solution that features a small design and full PTZ capabilities for versatile mounting that fits any budget. Designed for close-proximity viewing, the 310 Mini PTZ features a 20-meter IR range with 4x zoom and 4MP resolution for crystal-clear imaging at twice the clarity of 1080p. Plus, it provides smart motion technology and intrusion detection that can be monitored from the Luma App. Use the Mini PTZ as either a small PTZ or in place of a normal fixed position camera with the added PTZ capabilities through the appfor the perfect custom surveillance solution!

Important Note: We recommend the camera be mounted on horizontal surfaces such as on a ceiling or soffit and not sideways as on a wall.

Product Specifications

Product Features

Luma + Control4 OS 3: Luma and OS 3 work together to give you faster installs compared to other IP camera systems. Simple Device Discover Protocol (SDDP) and Control4 Certified Luma drivers are available directly from Composer Pro, saying you time and money.

  • Install in Less Than Half the Time: With SDDP and drivers available in Composer, Luma cameras integrate with Control4 faster than any other IP camera in less than half the time.
  • Receive a Snapshot: Control4 push notifications can now include snapshot images from Luma cameras, so customers can see what?s happening in and around their property.
  • Privacy Mode When You Want It: Luma Privacy Mode lets customers black-out their cameras for privacy whenever they want based on schedule, scenes, or a button press from their Control4 system.
  • Dedicated Third Stream: A C4 Certified Driver delivers the highest camera video stream possible for recording a dedicated third stream that can be viewed live on all Control4 interfaces.

Low-Cost, High-Res PTZ Solution: Designed for close-proximity viewing, the 310 gives dealers full PTZ functionality with control-system compatibility, allowing you to customize your surveillance installs like never before ? all at an extremely cost-efficient price.

Discreet Installation: Measuring only 2.5", the Mini PTZ?s small footprint lets you install a camera in more places than ever, giving your customers the solution they need.

Easy Installation: For quick and easy wall mounting, use this sleek arm mount made specifically for the 310 Series Mini PTZ. Built with durable steel and plastic and color-matched to perfection, this mount lets you install the Mini PTZ in more places than ever for a truly custom solution.

4MP Resolution: At 4MP with a 4x zoom, the Mini PTZ delivers high-resolution images at twice the clarity of 1080p. Plus, our 16:9 letterbox format is tailor-made for the A/V market so that its built-in resolution prevents picture distortion.

No IR Dome Reflection: Unlike traditional dome cameras, the 310 Mini PTZ has its IR in the outside ring of the dome to avoid IR reflection commonly found in dome housings, making this the perfect camera to use over traditional fixed-position dome cameras for close-proximity viewing, especially since it gives customers the convenience to look around from the Luma App any time of day.

Dedicated Control Stream: The 310 Mini PTZ offers a third video stream optimized for control system streaming. Using this stream, you can provide clear HD video to a control system at 720p. The third H.264 stream is independent from the full resolution H.265 main stream.

Storage-Friendly Encoding: Our Luma IP cameras support the H.265 video codec. This updated codec uses roughly 40% less data than H.264, achieving the same footage quality while nearly doubling the efficiency of your recorder?s hard drive storage space.

Better Motion Capture: Through improved basic motion settings, use the NVR to highlight any grid area for custom capture. Advanced settings let you select up to eight unique targeted areas in a grid view using a click and drag of the mouse. Or, change image settings like white balance levels or digital noise reduction between day and night.

Smart Motion Technology: Create line crossings and intrusion settings that notify your customers when areas are entered. Set an alert and start recording when a vehicle pulls into the driveway, or create a box around your customer's pool area that alerts them of movement. Plus, enhanced intrusion detection vastly reduces false alarms.

High Definition: Using a 0.36 Progressive Scan CMOS sensor, the Mini PTZ delivers pristine video with resolutions up to 1920x1080 at a full 30fps. For 16:9 widescreen imaging, enable 1280x720 mode for a wider view that fills your screen. Resolutions as low as 352x240 @ 30fps are also supported for non-HD applications.

Power over Ethernet: Run a single Cat5e/6 cable and deliver video, data, and power to and from the camera. No more crimp on beanies, wire nuts, or other unsightly connections - just an RJ45 connector and you're done. Retrofit installations have never been easier.

LumaLink Support: LumaLink offers P2P service, fast setup, and more security than traditional port forwarding and DDNS. Normally, you would use LumaLink with an NVR for direct access to the system, but in cases where you have a standalone camera only with no NVR, LumaLink is now supported by Luma cameras.

Luma App Integration: A simple and sleek client-facing app allows users to watch what happens live, take convenient snapshots, and play back recordings to make sure they don't miss anything important.

Built-In 2 Way Audio: Audio inputs to the NVR and the included 2-way microphone enable you to do this via web browser or mobile device! Listen-in to the live feed from gated entrances, elevators, assisted livings, or saferooms - there are a number of applications where you want the person on the other end to know you're listening. Note: you will need a separate speaker to enable this function.


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