InWall Bronze/4 Surround (standard bipole)

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Triad Bronze Surround speakers are specially engineered for intimate settings requiring full-range sound and a small form factor. These speakers balance exceptional performance with a modest price, offering intricate sound reproduction for mid-sized home theaters and media rooms. Premium drivers project an encompassing field of perfectly blended audio, and a unique bipole design creates a smooth, enveloping soundstage. Pair with mid-range AVRs to fully equip your room with immersive acoustics, bringing a realistic theatrical atmosphere to your home.

In an industry of generic, mass-produced products, Triad combines craftsmanship and customization in every order. Handcrafted in the US using the finest materials and components, Triad?s fully engineered, sealed, and internally braced MDF enclosures deliver intricate acoustics and effortless playback, actualizing the artist?s intent.

Complete the full home theater experience by partnering with Triad LCRs, satellites, and subs. Bring atmospheric audio to a new level with Triad?s Bronze Surround speakers, delivering artistic and effective surround sound to audio enthusiasts on a budget.

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Fully engineered, premium MDF enclosure
  • Acoustic suspension 
  • Compact, bipole design
  • AcoustiPerf frameless metal grill
  • Available in black or white, with custom paint matching available


  • The On-Wall AcoustiPerf grill extends a scant 4" from the wall and can be ordered in any custom color to blend seamlessly into your room.


  • Due to its shallow profile, the In-Wall Surround can be mounted into a standard 4" wall depth or into a ceiling.


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