InCeiling Silver/6 Sat (right side mounting)

SKU: 55503-1100-3


The Triad Silver Satellite?s 6″ drivers, high-fidelity sound, and extended bass response makes it ideal for multiroom audio, mid-sized surround sound systems, home theaters, and media rooms. Paired with high-power AVRs, it produces rich audio that will immerse large areas with dynamic acoustics at forefront and background listening levels. With premium components and a two-way compact design, the Silver Sat delivers precise sound reproduction and isolation.

In an industry of generic, mass-produced products, Triad combines craftsmanship and customization in every order. Handcrafted in the US using the finest materials and components, Triad?s fully engineered, sealed, and internally braced MDF enclosures deliver intricate acoustics and effortless playback, achieving unobtrusive elegance while retaining the integrity of sound. Use as a capable, standalone pair of speakers, or create a full-range sound experience by pairing with Triad LCRs and subs.

The Silver Sat duplicates sound with minimal alteration and interference, subtly transporting its listeners. Serving both your practical and acoustic needs, Triad?s Silver Sat speakers complement your space while producing a lifelike soundstage.

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Compact, two-way design
  • Fully engineered, premium MDF enclosure
  • Acoustic suspension
  • Custom paint matching available 
  • Braced enclosure keeps sound from bleeding into adjacent rooms


  • Cloth grill
  • 3/8"-16 threaded insert
  • Veneer finishes available


  • AcoustiPerf metal grill
  • Recessed angled baffle directs sound to the listener


  • AcoustiPerf metal grill


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