Engraved Music Keycaps (Pandora)

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Control4 keypads provide a stunning interface for any Control4 Smart Home, combining flexible button configurations with beautiful colors and finishes. Keypads provide excellent control for multi-room music applications in the home. With configurable custom engraved buttons, everyone will know exactly what each button does.

With our new Engraved Music Keycaps, we?ve made it even easier for you to get your customers up and running with Control4 Smart Lighting. These sets are designed to impress the music enthusiasts, making it simple for them to listen to their favorite streaming services, playlists, and music genres. They can even like or dislike a musical selection conveniently from the keypad, without having to dig out their smartphone or tablet. It?s that easy!

Order these keycaps at the same time you order all of the lighting products for a project, saving you time and money in truck rolls. Or, keep a small supply on hand for those last-minute projects. Available in White, or use one of the XML files provided below to order in your choice of colors.


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