Araknis Networks 110 Series Single-WAN Gigabit VPN Router with Wi-Fi

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Araknis Networks? 110-Series Single-WAN Gigabit VPN Router with Wi-Fi

This Araknis Networks? Wi-Fi router is perfect for entry-level networks in small living spaces like condos and townhomes. It supports 1 Gigabit WAN interface for today?s modern Internet speeds, plus includes 2 Gigabit LAN interfaces with full Gigabit LAN-LAN speed. It also includes 2×2 Wireless-AC Wave 2 to add wireless connectivity at minimal cost. Plus, every Araknis router is fully embedded with OvrC Pro, giving you full network visibility and intuitive troubleshooting tools.

OvrC Pro Embedded

As a professional integrator, you?re expected to own and support the entire network. That means having the advanced remote management capabilities of OvrC Pro on the job are a requirement. This is why we embedded the capabilities of OvrC Pro into every router at no additional cost, so you?re equipped with the tools to be successful. 

Wi-Fi Combo

The compact, single-WAN design, combined with a 2×2 Wireless-AC embedded antenna, allows dealers to significantly reduce the cost of ownership to their customers while still enjoying great performance and a rich feature set.

Gigabit Internet

With the rapid rise of IoT, AV over IT, and streaming services, the throughput performance for a high bandwidth network is critical. For that reason, we designed the new line of Araknis routers to support Gigabit WAN-LAN and LAN-LAN speeds across all models, so your customer always gets the performance they expect from a modern, custom install.

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